Linea Retta (Straight Line)

The Italian parkour presented through the urban landscape of Milan and Palermo

“In the definition of Art Du Déplacement, two are the keywords: Art and Movement.
– states the founder of the discipline Laurent Piemontesi – “Through Art, there is
a body of work devoted to the development of our inner part, the invisible.
With the Movement, however, we explore and discover the world and people;
The movement is good for our body, in other words: the visible. ”

Linea Retta is a 30-minute documentary about the panorama of Art du Deplecement and Parkour,
joining two cities at the extremities of the Italian peninsula: Milan and Palermo.
From the north to the south of the country, the film will show how a non-competitive
sport can rediscover abandoned urban spaces, re-qualifying them through a new perspective.

Directed by Yuri Pirondi and Ivb Filmes, Music by Michael Picknett DOP: Telen Céfalo,
Photographer: Andre Passos. Starring: Laurent Piemontesi, Gaetano Columba and Giulia Liz Catalisano,
Thanks to Diana Bruno, Joana da Cunha. Powered by SUN68 . In collaboration with Luisa Bertoldo Press Office.